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Who is Mr. McGroovy?

Mr. McGroovy's Family PortraitMr. McGroovy’s is a microbusiness established in January 2005 to develop educational activities that promote learning, creativity and pretend play.

“Mr. McGroovy”  was the nickname given to Andy McGrew by some fifth grade students his first year teaching elementary art in 1995. He taught elementary art from 1995 to 2000, and switched careers shortly after the birth of his first son. Andy enjoyed spending time with his family, trying to grow a business in his garage, and working as a laser technician for a national laboratory.

Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets™  grew out of a project idea from his days as an art teacher. Building box structures is an absolutely great activity for kids, so… when his son turned five and needed a backyard castle for his “knights and princesses” party theme Andy and his wife Savanna decided to build it themselves. The response from parents and other children at the party encouraged them to share this great activity, and the idea for Mr. McGroovy’s was born.

Sadly, Andy McGrew passed away suddenly in 2012. The business is still run today by Savanna McGrew and their two sons out of the family garage.

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