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What are different ways to paint the castle?

Kids Couldn’t Care Less

There are lots of options for decorating your castle.

Castles that are totally decked out with decoration may have a little more “WOW” factor during the first impression, but ultimately it makes little difference to the enjoyment that children will get out of playing in the castle.

The important thing is to find a balance between meeting your own expectations for how you want the castle to look, and finding a method that doesn’t take more time than you want to invest.

Generally, your options are as follows:

Leave it Plain

Painted CastleDon’t paint it! It’s just really exciting to have a giant castle in the backyard. Kids will be having such a great time playing it won’t even occur to them that it’s not painted. And think of the time you’ve saved! An unpainted castle can be built start-to-finish in under two hours.

Spray paint (not recommended)

It is definitely not recommended to use spray paint to paint the entire castle. Others have tried this and regretted it. It uses way more paint than you anticipate, and the coverage is only so-so.

However, spray paint works great for applying a rectangular brick pattern. This takes minimal effort, dries quickly, and uses a minimal amount of paint. Inexpensive spray paint can be purchased at your local hardware store. I found some for 97¢. It was on the bottom shelf.

Brick printmaking (fast and easy)

Painted CastleThere are lots of options for printing a brick pattern onto your castle. Using a mini paint roller it’s easy to paint a brick pattern over the entire castle in about twenty minutes. You could also use a large, rectangular, brick-like sponge, (like the ones they sell for washing your car)or a pieceof Styrofoam. Pour out a little paint into a paint tray, and dip your sponge or Styrofoam into the paint, then create a brick pattern by stamping out your pattern. I recommend doing this after the castle has been assembled.

Paint the entire castle

Believe it or not, this design is REALLY EASY TO PAINT!
Learn how >>>

If using 8 large refrigerator boxes, plan for about a gallon of paint for the primary color (most people choose gray, but pink might look wild), depending on how thick (or thin) you apply it. Plan on using a quart of black for detailing the bricks, and a quart of white if painting highlights as well. It’s best to cut out all your pieces first, and paint them before assembling the castle.

Painted Castle in Back Yard